Clients often ask us what menu items display the best. Fruit & Veggie Displays offer the most bang for your buck and look great whether the design is country chic or modern contemporary. They fare well at outdoor receptions or an indoor affair.

Any item that is colorful and in season works great for your wow factor. They are naturally eye appealing and do not require a lot of garnish or added decor elements to be added. Produce is at it’s peak during spring/summer so you have a fantastic variety available. For brides on a conservative budget they are a great choice as you can scale down the florals needed if you have all the vibrant colors from the displays on the food tables. For the luxe bride we can create extravagant displays that offer  exotic items like fresh lychees, Asian mangoes, stuffed apricots, champagne injected strawberries, and other unique touches. Grilled vegetable displays are a great choice in addition to traditional crudite as they offer a heavier item and can be served at room temperature. This gets the grilled veggies out of the chafing dishes and presented in a beautiful display. We always like to suggest these items for cocktail hour as they offer a snack without being overly filling for the main event. 🙂

Below are some of our favorite displays from recent  receptions.