I am so so happy that spring is finally here! Our gardens are in full bloom and our wedding season has officially begun. We always have a large Easter party with family, friends, staff, and local neighborhood business friends. There is a large egg hunt for the kids, Easter pinata, full candy buffet, colorful decor, and a huge feastly spread for dinner. Below is my inspiration board I created for the party. Hopefully , the weather will be sunny and warm. The party will be out on my front lawn under the magnolias with long gathering style tables. Our new florist, Todd will be creating several masterpieces to accent the tables. Stay tuned for pics from the party and see how well we utilized the board. I am still tweaking the menu a bit, but a molasses and citrus glazed ham is a must for sure! HAPPY EASTER!

Oh, check out this watermelon salad that I found online. This has really caught my interest and I am going to make this with a Down South Delights twist. It is a great way to blend sweet and savory with an appealing display.

Watermelon Patchwork Salad