This past week we finally had some time to create some fun new items for 2011. I love super fresh fruits and veggies that offer a wonderful palette of colors in addition to tasting fabulous.

The mini orange salads are my favorite and would look so amazing on a huge display of hors d’ oeuvres or a plated dinner option. The cucumber salad is a throwback from my days in culinary school, but it is truly a cool classic to a traditional house salad.

My assistant Todd creating this simple rustic bouquet from several spring blooms before the trees get their summer green leaves. I love the simple beauty of this arrangement and the roses we picked up were just picture perfect in every way.

Mini Salads served in orange cups with candied pecan, blackberry, cinnamon almond, Romaine, and a Brandied Vinaigrette

Mini Orange Salad Closeup- Too pretty for just one pic! 🙂

Seared Shrimp w/ Cranberry Chutney served on a bed of tri color sushi wraps

Tasting Plate of Blanched Green Beans, red pepper hummus, artichoke chutney, lemon, cilantro, basil chiffonade, steamed potato dumpling.

Tasting Plate Closeup

Another View of the Shrimp- I love these colorful wraps that we just acquired. They are going to be fabulous for sushi displays and hand rolls!

Cucumber Stand Up Salad w/ Honey Dijon

The Stand Up Salad is a composed version of the traditional tossed house salad. The Dressing is displayed around the salad which really makes for a great conversation piece at dinner.

Rustic Spring Bouquet with Vintage Roses and various items from our gardens

I got these roses in 10 days ago and they are still perfection! Our floral importer has these roses in over 20 colors

Various Dark & White Chocolate Dipped Berries- coconut, toasted peanut, classic drizzle, and dark chocolate. The classic drizzle is injected with Grand Marnier and champagne.

Rosemary Biscuits filled with country ham & orange honey. Our baker creates the best, moist buttermilk biscuits that I have ever tasted.