With the 2011 season gearing up we’ve been researching and creating some neat ideas to embellish your reception menu. Last year was all about sliders, anything in a shot glass, and stations. Those items have carried over from 2010, but here are some creative ideas to offer your guests. Let us know any of these items that you LOVE and we can add it to your new or current reception menu!

Spring/Summer Inspired Beverage Bar- Fresh squeezed lemonade, vanilla bean house made cream soda, & vintage style bottled sodas with custom labels to match wedding colors. Served with unique mix ins for guests to create their own unique beverage. Fresh Fruit ice cubes in mango, kiwi, watermelon, blueberry, & passion fruit. Strawberry, Blackberry, Ginger, & tangerine fresh syrups to stir in. Add coordinating colored straws with initials and this is outrageously cute! LOVE IT

Gourmet Popsicles- Ice Cream Stations are still in demand, but the customized Popsicle is def on the rise. Decadent flavors like strawberry/raspberry cheesecake, blackberry/vanilla bean, and fresh fruit flavors make this a hit for a hot summer day. Rent a cute ice cream cart that is placed by the cake or vintage metal coolers full of treats for guests to enjoy. 

Watermelon! Yes, watermelon is a popular addition to hors d’ oeuvres, salads, desserts, and beverages this year. It is popping up on reception menus in many forms, matched with both sweet and savory dishes. The natural bold color makes any did pop and in summer is a refreshing element to include on your reception menu.

Gourmet Pies- All food trend articles have hailed pie as the new cupcake. Mini pies are a cute addition to any dessert table or as a grooms cake or favor. They come in so many varieties, chilled or warm, natural/rustic or modern/composed that they can fit into any receptions decor/theme quiet easily. A cool lemon ice box or key lime coconut would be amazing or how about a yummy smores pie with torched marshmallows on top ?

Nostalgic Treats- Trying to come up with a unique tasty favor or snack for your guests? Retro treats are all the rage! Anything from whoopie pies in flavors like Red Velvet with mini milks, gourmet fluffy marshmallows, or hand made pop tarts with fillings like blueberry/lemon or chocolate hazelnut. 


Customizing your reception with food is a great way to show your guests a fun wedding menu while offering a taste of your unique style.We are working on several new photo shoots with great new ideas to embellish your reception! I hope these ideas have inspired you to add your own creative touch to your special day. 🙂