Green is my favorite color and I always love when it is one of the main colors in a wedding. Of course you do not want to go overboard with it, but it goes so well with almost any color and looks uber fresh. Limes, apples, and pears are a popular addition to centerpieces as well as a budget friendly filler. The cake table is a great idea to dress up a simple white cake without using an ordinary green linen. LOVE IT!!!! The simple passed champagne tray really pops with the addition of the ring of flowers. Green orchids are a simple yet dramatic garnish that we utilize often for trays & such that need an extra element of color.

A refreshing honeydew signature cocktail adds a touch of green without being too bright or flashy. The electric green cocktails of the past 3 or 4 years are definitely not a trend for 2011. Leave those to the Sex & City days and focus on lighter softer colors. The honeydew cocktail in the board is topped with a dollop of watermelon sorbet which is super yummy.


While creating the board I had a great idea that we are planning on incorporating into a summer wedding. For our bruschetta station or canapes, or even the soup station,  a rustic display of fresh complimenting herbs for guests to pluck and add will surely be a unique conversation piece for the menu. Using milder herbs is a must so they do not overwhelm the flavors of the dish.  I always enjoy adding cute decorative containers of green vibrant herbs to our displays for vegetables and such.

So the green apples in the tier centerpieces would be a super idea for the DIY bride. A simple foam cone, floral pins, and an array of white flowers is all you need. Some vintage cake stands finish these easy yet elegant look for any spring/summer outdoor reception.

The cupcakes are dark chocolate with fresh mint butter cream. The green cupcake wrapper hides the chocolate so as not to clash with the ivory/mint color scheme. These just look too YUMMY!

If you are planning to integrate any hint of green to your wedding there are tons of boards and photos on the web to get ideas from. These are some of my fave that I have on file to inspire our catering displays.