This New Year offers an exciting emergence of trends and styles to compliment any  brides dream day! While we are seeing a lot of the past years ideas rolling over a new collection of colors and ideas are offering twists to classic and modern inspirations alike. Below are the top trends that we will see being integrated into receptions for all of you newly engaged brides to be! Congratulations and we look forward to assisting you all with your dream day reception plans. Duting the month of January we will be posting exciting new menu ideas for your reception, inspiration boards with hot new color combinations of the year, and also great deals for our new clients.

*Casual, picnicesque  receptions are the hot new trend of 2011. This is a budget friendly option as you do not need to plan on seating for your entire guest list. The quintessential come & go style reception lost popularity in the 90’s, but is quickly reemerging as a new option for brides to consider.

*Deconstructed Salads (upscale salad bar for guests to create their own)- The mini salad displays have been super popular for the past 2 years and 2011 will bring more gourmet elaborate create your own salad displays instead.

*Unique Pasta Dishes- Pastas are an ever popular mainstay of reception menus and is a great choice as everyone loves pasta. This year we will see innovative ideas for your menu with a variety of pastas being offered on many reception menus. Some of our favorites are Buffalo Bleu Rigatoni, Roasted Garlic Artichoke Cream with Smoked Chicken & Linguine, Fired Roasted Tomato Vodka Cream with Crispy Duck with Angel Hair, & My favorite Grilled Chicken Florentine Lasagna. Pair these pastas up with an array of artisanal breads and a big Italian salad for a budget friendly menu that all your guests are sure to love.

*Colorful wedding cakes will be all the rage this year with traditional white cakes being adorned with lots of silk ribbons and vintage jewelry adornments for added glitz.

*Blended Menus: Bride and groom can’t decide between BBQ and Sushi? Do both! We love the idea of displaying totally different food stations to create a one-of-a-kind event that is sure to please all palates.

*Delectable Drinks – Offering guests one or two signature cocktails (in addition to beer and wine) is not only a gracious and suitable way to circumvent the costly open bar, it is a great way to incorporate and highlight the spring season. With the weather turning warmer, consider serving cool and refreshing drinks like champagne cocktails, daiquiris, or mimosas (for day celebrations). For non-alcoholic drinks, serve water flavored with fruit (e.g. strawberries, lime, kiwis, raspberries, etc.) from large glass jars.

1) Pies for entrees and dessert

Pies will start edging out cupcakes as the “king of dessert” and they will be made with both sweet and savory fillings. Also, individual deep-fried pies will be popular. We create some wonderful empanandas which are savory mini fried pies with a variety of fillings such as spicy shredded South American beef and a smoked chicken with goat cheese. For the sweeter side, pies are definitely on their way to edging out the cupcake this year s the trendy dessert. They are a great little favor idea and make very yummy displays. In 2010 we have already had several of our trendsetting brides offer pies instead of cake. Pick your favorite our try some of our non-traditional options such as Creme Brulee pie or a fresh Blackberry Peach pie that we won Best of Show one year at the State Fair. Fore a truly decadent dessert experience add a ice cream sundae buffet to finish off!

*Vintage Style Sodas are always a fun addition to your beverages and look amazing served in galvanized tubs with cute little personalized straws. Wooden soda crates are a neat decor option and they can usually be found online or in thrift shops. For spring/summer receptions I love the idea of Coke & Root Beer floats to refresh guests in the hot weather. These little details are a great way to personalize your day and are budget friendly.

*Mixing shapes and sizes of tables for guest tables too! Try doing a combination of rounds & banquet tables for your reception. It adds a nice element of contrast to the room and gives it a not so cookie cutter look.

*A lot of people are doing afterparties now. You can set up a cognac bar, put out coffees and cappuccinos, and get cordial cigars for men and create lounge-like events.

If you have any new trends or ideas that you will be adding to your reception please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas and share them with other brides.