This weekend we did not have any weddings and with the terrible storms I am so glad. We worked on some new & old recipes for some upcoming events. Special desserts are something that we are constantly getting requests for at weddings since just cake seems to not be enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. I love having another option at a reception to just cake and we came up with some very cute and decadent options. Cupcakes are a very trendy favor that is reminiscent of the little take home boxes for cake that were so popular in the 50’s & 60’s. I always love new flavors and last fall one of our brides- Linda Pick Wilson shared with me some really great artisanal recipes that I still use in the kitchen(they are that tasty).

Specialty breads are something that is a great idea for any event. Guests love fresh baked goods and they really add a special unique touch to a buffet, plated dinner, or even to an hors d’ oeuvres menu. My great grandmother, Belle shared her 150 year old yeast roll recipe with me and it is one that is soooo delicious event though it is very time intensive for us on a large scale.

Belle's Butter Rolls

Dried Cherry & Brandy Cupcakes with Rpasberry Pistachio Custard Shots

Dried Cherry & Brandy Cupcakes with Rpasberry Pistachio Custard Shots

Spumoni Mousse with Almond Butter Cookies

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Parfaits, Deconstructed Lemon Meringue, & Coconut Cream Cups

Chocolate Covered Starwberry Parfaits, Lemon Meringue, & Coconut Cream Cups

Fruit Tart with shortbread crust & Lemon Pastry Cream