Belle Meade is a beautiful location anytime of the year, but the fall is absolutely wonderful! The carriage house area needs little decor and our bride has a fab plan for the reception. Colors will include a deep eggplant, lime green, dark lapis blue, chocolate, mocha, deep reds, and some hints of ivory. The guest tables will feature mason jars filled with a variety of flowers, classic southern flatware, slat boards with breads, cheeses, & herbs, and small bags of fall fruits wrapped in colorful foils for the favors. The cake will have “shingles” of chocolate and sugared fruits with flavors of dark chocolate with blackcurrant and white chocolate with apricot.

Heres the menu! I am hungry just typing it as it is going to be so fun to create and display! We are going to create some cute custom raw wood stands and old fashioned crates to hold the chafers!

*Rustic Cheese & Bread Boards featuring small farm artisanal cheeses & farmhouse style breads

*Blood Orange & Raddichio salad with Chanpagne Vinaigrette

*Caramelized Vidalia Onion Corn Muffins

*Roasted Squash Soup with cilantro oil served in mini pumpkins

*Autumn Chicken with cranberries, herbs, brown sugar, and apricots

*Fall Fire Roasted Veggies with balsamic cream

*Lemon Seared Brussel Sprouts with balsamic walnuts

*A trio of pastas- Rigatoni with sundried tomato cream, spinach linguini with parmesan artichoke pesto, & orzo with pumpkin ragout!

*Dessert & Sweets Table- Cinnamon Sesame Brittle, Mini Sticky Buns, spiced cashews, bread pudding with triple cream sauce, & pear clafouti

**They are having a bourbon tasting for the guests too! This is such a cool trend that I am so in love with! You can have a simple tasting or get very elaborate with it.  Choose several high end bourbons along with small snifters. Print out highlights of each bourbon on a paper that matches your theme or invitation. Let guests sip bourbon, conversate over the differences, and cigars are a nice addition.