Menu items include-

Preserved lemon canapes

traditional hors d’ oeuvres/salads such as hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, and a cumin carrot salad

Kebabs of spicy grilled chicken & lamb

Lots of harissa- a spicy red pepper sauce that is great on everything!

Individual Tagines with a Chicken, Raisin, & Olives(small pots that hold & cook stews) Very cute!

Saffron Scented Rice

Falafel with a cilantro lime cream

Roasted figs filled with a herb infused goat cheese

Hearth baked pita bread with an array of olive oils

Bisteeya- a wonderful filo filled with chicken & spices

Minted Sweet Iced tea served in colorful, ornate gold glasses

** Color is going ot be an important part of this reception with jewel tones of blue, dark amber, burgundy, bright orange, eggplant, gold, and scarlet. They ordered a beautiful cake with flavors that are going to wow the guests- cardamom pistachio, cinnamon dark chocolate, & toasted coconut. We are doing a Turkish style coffee to go along with the cake that will really make it a treat for everyone.The brides mother  has found gorgeous lanterns that she has been collecting since they began planning and they are going to be the main centerpieces along with votives that match the pattern on the tea glasses. They have ordered linens from and check out the site for some of the most opulent linens out there!