The holidays is always so busy for us. Between Christmas parties, weddings, and new 2010 brides we stay on the go most of the month. A few weeks ago my staff and I decorated my house for the holiday season. I love pastel colors so I did the entire house in light pinks, silvers, blues, and purples. We also made some great winter time dishes that day as well. Below are some pics of our final results along with some tasty foods! Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season! In January we will be launching a new site complete with updated menus and daily blogs. I also have some new event photos to share as well. Congratulations and thank you to all the brides/clients that made this a wonderful 2009!

Salsa Verde Chicken Soup

Roasted Corn Muffins w/ Honey Butter

Snow Cream Cupcakes

Gingerbread Cupcakes