So what exactly is crudites? Basically, it is a gourmands term for a vegetable display. I get a lot of clients in search of that item that will make the table look lush, fabulous, colorful, and still be familiar to guests. A fresh vegetable display can be a simple tray of fresh veggies or an ornate display with height, color, etc. Below are some great pics from the net and from our personal files of past events.A great caterer can tailor your display for contemporary or classic style depending on your event.

Remember you gotta have some great dips to accompany or its just simply an overrated produce section. Some of our favorite dips are Balsamic Cream, Roasted Garlic Herb, Dijon Pecan, Green Goddess, Poppyseed, Smoky  Blue Cheese,  or Sesame Ginger.

Veggie Shots are a great addition to the crudites as well. They offer guests a walking portion with dip ready to go!

veggie shotswhite cruditecrudite7crudite2crudite5