I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ryan Harris, chef of the Patterson House here in Nashville. Sarah and Ryan were planning an ultra modern chic reception at one of my fave places, Aerial.

I’ve had  the honor of working with several chefs for their wedding receptions and its always fun + stressful. They know food as well as I do!

Ryan has trained/apprenticed at some of the top restaurants in the country so we really had to create some great dishes for his big day. Sarah was so very nice and sweet along the way of the planning process.

So here is the menu that they decided on and some SOOOOO fabulous picks of the final product.

Ornate Fruit & Cheese Board/Chicken Satay/ Canapes & Crostini/Pan Seared Brisket/Caprese Salad/Spinach Salad/Strawberry Balsamic Salad/Blackened Pork Loin/ Shrimp Cocktail