This past weekend we had the pleasure of catering the reception of Laine & Pete Barnett at Spring Haven in Hendersonville. Even though it rained all day the event turned out to be extrodinary. Everything came together and this reception was an ecclectic mix of modern and very traditional elements. Laine was so much fun to work with and her family is awesome. Laine & Pete   created a cute site to offer family and friends the oppurtunity to share thier journey of pre-wedding planning:    A Town & Country look was created with engraved silver, mini trumpet vases, and threw in some modern with large glass cylinders for the bridal table. IMG_2755



On to the Menu!!!!

The menu was really unique and gave us the chance the really offer some variety!

A sushi display that we created the serving pieces for- thank you to my fiance for coming up with these cute bamboo and wood pedestals.

We had a variety of maki, Nigiri, and nori stacks. I also made Korean sweet radish and seaweed salad spoons. There was a variety of exotic soy sauces including a roasted mushroom and sweet citrus. This display came out so neat! A friend of mine is a sushi chef and created the maki rolls and also gave advice on the other varieties.IMG_2800 


The menu also featured a cute cake from the Bake Shoppe that was yummy and a Gooey Butter Cake for the grooms cake.IMG_2760

Some other items on the menu were:

Artichoke & Shrimp Beignets with a Lemongrass Sauce, Beef Tenderloin Carving Station, Mashed Potato Martini Bar, Chicken Saty, Mini Grilled Sirloin Burgers, Caesar Salad Bites, Chutney & Bacon Toasts, An Artisanal Cheese Display, and Carolina Style Shrimp & Grits. pit5IMG_2785pit2