Okay, everyone. This is one of my biggest things that I stress to all clients and brides. If you do not choose us at least choose someone who is liscensed and insured. You have no idea how important this is. If a caterer does not have a proper liscense to cater YOU will be held responsible and sued for anything that may go wrong. Ask your caterer for a copy of thier Health Dept. Liscense before you book if you feel at all suspicious that they work from home. This is so dangerous and can make your guests very sick.

I know some people maybe thinking that they dont really care as the person is very neat and tidy. Well, thats all great and fine BUT. Could you imagine cooking from your home for 100-300 people. Oh NO! Where do they store the food and cook all of it? Exactly.

I even had one caterer tell me that is was okay to caterer from her house and the Health Dept. knew all about. Yeah Right.

Just putting this out there to keep everyone safe and happy at your event. Illegal caterers are cheaper, but you are paying for what you get. Someone preparing your food in an unsafe enviornment.

Check this out info out:

Food-borne illnesses account for more than 300,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths each year in the United States, according to the Food Protection Branch in the state’s Division of Environmental Health.

Some people advertise themselves as caterers but are illegal and pose a health risk to the people who use them.  Illegal caterers prepare foods in their homes with no oversight by the Health Department.  They may not have the necessary equipment or the understanding of how to prepare and handle large amounts of food safely.  They may have no knowledge of diseases transmitted by food, may be using unsafe food, and may have their pets and children in the kitchen while handling your food.

Legal caterers have permits, meet the same requirements as a restaurant, and are inspected by the Health Department for food protection and proper food handling procedures.  Legal caterers receive information prior to obtaining a permit and during their inspections on how to prepare food safely.