Love these Blackberry Champagne Champagne Cocktails!

Love these Blackberry Champagne Champagne Cocktails!

High-Style Champagne Toasts

are following in the footsteps of the signature cocktail as an elegant way to personalize your wedding reception.
Make your toast unique by adding a drop of a flavored liquor to the champagne flute.  You can choose a flavor or color that fits your theme.  Some suggestions are:  Cassis (black currant), Chambord (raspberry), Amaretto, Passionfruit liquor, Blue Curacao, etc.
When in season, perfect berries can be dropped into the flute just before serving.  Raspberries, Blueberries, Currants or Strawberries make a nice presentation.
Make your champagne toast exciting by adding fruit purees to the flute after pouring the champagne.  Raspberry, strawberry, peach or blueberry puree will make a bright swirl of color without adding additional alcohol.

Fruit purees can also be added to sparkling cider for a non-alcoholic festive toast.

Ask your caterer to provide the puree.  Choosing fruit that is in season will be the best price choice.

Mimosas are always a stylish champagne cocktail to have at any event. Guests love them and they are ver economical compared to offering other signature drinks. ginger-champagne-cocktail-fore2961

Make your own high style champagne toast with a customized champagne created just for you!