With the weather warming up and spring in the air it is time to switch from heavy hearty menus to refreshing light items. When it warms up I tend to shy away from dense chocolate desserts and move more towards fruity creamy concoctions. Before I was a caterer and in college I worked as a pastry chef at several upscale restaurants. This also led to me living in France for a time and working there as well. The French love fruit inspired desserts and do them VERY well. I got some great ideas and techniques and have decided to include them in our new menu offerings.

When we hear jello we automatically think of being a kid or old women luncheons. Well, that used to be the case, but gelatins are making a come back in a revived modern version. The Gelee is a fabulous example. Always served in dainty containers and whimsical flavors these fresh desserts pack maximum refreshment along with the wow from your guests. From passion fruit tangerine to rose and strawberry the flavors are endless. Most gelees contain fresh fruit or juices and can contain champagne or wine. How awesome would a table of several different flavors/colors/containers look at your spring or summer reception? These would put any dessert table to shame!  

Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, gelee with vanilla bean cream! Yum

Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, gelee with vanilla bean cream! YumLove this picture! Fresh berries & champagne gelee