Okay, so you have found the perfect venue for your reception. It is picturesque and will be so fabulously unique. Just one hitch- theres not water, electric, space for staging an event. Pulling off your reception, whether it be 50, 100 or 500 takes a major act behind the scenes. So with that said, there needs to be an area that is behind the scene.

We have catered receptions at almost every venue in the Nashville area and know all too well what works and what doesn’t. For instance, the War Memorial Plaza is one of my favorite places to cater at. It makes a perfect setting and always inspires me to create chic designs. Theres just one hitch- there is no hidden area of storage space for any equipment. IF you do not know to rent pipe and drape then everything is out in the open. Last May we had a reception and the bride forgot to rent it. My staff created one of our best designs and in the background you can see the florists plastic totes! Yuck! So keep that in mind when planning your event. Where will we store everything that needs to hidden? Do we need to rent special equipment to make this happen?

Another one of my fave locations is the Belle Meade carriage house. Love this place so so much. Except the kitchen. It is small, cramped, and the sinks always stop up. Not that you as the client need to know that, but you do. Who wants to have a plated dinner for 200 when there is not even enough room for all the staff to fit in the kitchen. This place is probably where I will have my reception, but I will also remember that it is a historical venue and they allow NO COOKING ON SITE! That means no stations that require flames. So if you want omelets made onsite or pasta sauteed you better find another location. If you are like me though you will just adjust the menu and keep moving along with the plans.

So, when you got out visiting all of the fab locations in the area remember to think about your menu when choosing your site. If your perfect menu is elaborate, complicated, and difficult look for a spot with some move around room for your caterer. Having a simple buffet or appetizers then you can use just about any spot that suits your fancy.

We want your event to be perfect as much as you do. We are only as great as our last event! So, help us help you. Also, when in doubt just ask. A great caterer can tell you all the details about almost any site. Well, I know I can. 🙂