Preparing for an upcoming wedding usually means having to deal with a catering service provider. In essence, a caterer provides the food, drinks and handles how it will be presented and served. A catering service is supposed to take most of your headaches with preparations away leaving you headache free so you can focus more on your celebration and enjoy the moment.

At times, some reception venues also offer a catering service along with the service of renting out their place. If this is the case then you have fewer worries because you will not need to deal with a third party for catering services which can also be a troublesome task if you are not familiar with the caterer and their services. Such convenience will make you wedding planning an easier undertaking.

Friends, venues and colleagues usually give out recommendations for a catering service. If you know someone who makes a recommendation for a catering service, be sure to personally check the professional background of the caterer. Aside form your source, ask others about their trustworthiness, quality of service, reliability and other factors which may affect the outcome of your celebration. You can also check out the caterer’s previous clients along with their reviews and feedbacks. Try to see if the caterer can and will be able to give service satisfactory to your needs and requirements.

Basically, there are two types of catering. The first is the Seated Dinner. This type of catering service usually demands for more staff or servers. There is also the need for more chairs and tables because food will be served to the guests simultaneously. While less flexibility is offered to guests in a seated dinner in terms of choice and serving, it is also comfortable and luxurious due to a VIP treatment of being served at the table without the guest having to do much. At times, a menu is included with invitations sent so guests can know and declare ahead of time what they’d prefer to eat. It also allows the caterer to prepare accordingly to the specific choice of each guest.

The Buffet is the second type of catering service usually done for weddings. Guests can move around freely, there are lesser sets of utensils needed and they can be specific on the choices of food and the amount of serving since they will be getting it themselves. The guests don’t have to start eating all at the same time. This also accounts for less staff requirements. Guests can pick their favorite food and customize the servings on their plates to what they want. A buffet catering service is usually cheaper than a seated dinner service. Guests can also come back for second servings with a buffet making the eating experience deliciously satisfying.

Catering services are there to help us out on our most special days. If you are the celebrator and the wedding planner as well, without a caterer, your mission might be harder than you think.