Brunch is becoming more and more popular for the wedding reception. It is elegant, cost effective, and super original. There are so many choices for a brunch and you are not limited to really any menu. With brunch almost anything goes. What other meal can you pair Eggs Benedict with shrimp cocktail, champagne, and finger sandwiches. The brunch also has a southern feel to it.

Our brunch menu has some awesome choices for the reception menu. From Creme Brulee French Toast to Brown Sugared Bacon, Down South Delights is your brunch expert. I love formal brunches and think they make amazing displays of food and ambiance.

Another great thing about the brunch is you can have alcohol is you like or not. Mimosas usually are flowing and some add spicy Bloody Mary’s for the beverage choices. Here are some really cool facts about the brunch and it’s origins.

‘Brunch’is a combination of breakfast and lunch. [1] The term is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch(eon). Brunch is often served after a morning event or prior to an afternoon one, such as a wedding or sporting event. A common misconception is that after midday, the meal is a luncheon. This however is not true so long as a breakfast has not been eaten. While common in the United States, according to Punch magazine, the term was introduced in Britain around 1896 by Hunter’s Weekly, then becoming student slang.[2] Other sources claim that the term was invented by New York Morning Sun reporter Frank Ward O’Malley based on the typical mid-day eating habits of a newspaper reporter.[3][4]

Some restaurants and hotels serve brunch, especially on Sundays and holidays. Such brunches are often serve-yourself buffets, but menu-ordered meals may be available instead of, or with, the buffet. The meal usually involves standard breakfast foods such as eggs, sausages, bacon, ham, fruits, pastries, pancakes, and the like. However, it can include almost any other type of food served throughout the day. Buffets may have quiche, large roasts of meat or poultry, cold seafood like shrimp and smoked fish, salads, soups, vegetable dishes, many types of breadstuffs, and desserts of all sorts.