Creating the perfect menu has become top priority to the modern day bride and groom, and is now being seen as part of the theme. Across the board, menus have gone gourmet and are more personalized then ever! Traditional choices between beef and chicken are being replaced with interactive food stations and & decadent buffets. Considering the style of wedding will also help you decide what type of beverages to serve. One of the biggest trends right now, is to serve a signature cocktail instead of champagne. This can be a very budget friendly way to add some “pizzazz” to you event.

Remember pick what you want to have. Do not think about every single guests food req. or you will drive yourself crazy.  With that in mind you DO need to know your crowd. If you are food snob that wants super modern food, but all of your guests are the traditional type mix & match to make you happy and them pleased as well.

This is your day and the food should reflect that!

It’s so important to consider the seasons when planning your wedding menu. A little thought in this area can go a long way and will help pull the entire experience together. It’s equally important to consider the guest count, your guests’ preferences and the venues facilities before calling your local caterer. We suggest presenting your budget to the catering company right away; this way they can plan a menu that best fits your needs. With a small group and equipped facilities an adventurous menu may be the way to go. On the other hand, a simpler more rounded menu will work better for large groups and limited facilities.