Does anyone REALLY eat at their own wedding? Seems like there are too many people, formalities and excitement to think about sitting down for 5 minutes to eat. Thus, our latest addition to the Down South Delights experience for our couples. The Honeymoon Box¬†features an insulated picnic basket packed with “Leftovers for Lovers” (various appetizers and dishes from the reception menu). We make sure this gets tucked into the getaway car at the end of the evening so our newlyweds can munch and relax privately back at their suite. When it is all said and done, our couples have a little memento from their wedding caterer to last a lifetime.

This is a must because after all the planning, tasting, & stress the couple really needs to enjoy thier food as the guests have.

Here are some cool pics of Honeymoon boxes that I found online. We never have time to photo our own so here are some examples of what we send with every couple.